Ron MacLean apologizes to postal workers after ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ gaffe

Ron MacLean apologizes to postal workers

TORONTO — “Hockey Night in Canada” host Ron MacLean has apologized to postal workers after suggesting their jobs were “effectively obsolete.”

The faux-pas came Saturday after the opening “Hockey Night in Canada” feature on painter Michel Lapansee, who has captured the Montreal Canadiens on canvas since 1984. Coming out of the feature, MacLean put his foot in it while talking about Lapansee’s background in one of his trademark stream-of-consciousness monologues.

“Prior to that, he was a starving artist,” MacLean said. “He was actually a letter-carrier with the Post Office. And ironically that job is now effectively obsolete. Everybody thought painters would have their job become obsolete.”

The veteran TV host took to Twitter soon after to say he was sorry.

“To Postal Workers my sincere apology… a poorly worded attempt to convey what happened to one declaration of an ending. You carry the day.”

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