Terry Becker said she will stand for re-election as president of the Pitt Meadows Community Foundation. (THE NEWS files)

Terry Becker said she will stand for re-election as president of the Pitt Meadows Community Foundation. (THE NEWS files)

AGM coming for Pitt Meadows Community Foundation

Foundation has been active, says president Terry Becker

The Pitt Meadows Community Foundation will have its annual general meeting before the end of 2018, said president Terry Becker.

Becker said the group must have an AGM every year, but it does not have to be one year after the last AGM, which took place in May of 2017.

Rather, it can be anytime during the calendar year, she said.

“We will call it in due course,” she said, noting that it will be advertised, but members of the foundation are not sent invitations.

Carole Kubb, a foundation member of 25 years and a former board member, said people in the community have regularly been asking her, and other past members when the AGM would take place.

“I would sincerely like to see this organization become active again in our community,” added Kubb.

In May 2017, members of the sitting city council and their family members were elected as the foundation’s board of directors.

Former mayor John Becker and former councillors Bruce Bell, Mike Stark and David Murray were all elected as directors.

Terry Becker, wife of the former mayor, was elected president, and Wayne Elkerton, husband of former councillor Janis Elkerton, was also made a director.

Norma Murray was the only director who was not either a councillor or a spouse of one.

Becker said she intends to stand for re-election as president.

Membership in the foundation is open to anyone for a fee of $20 per year, and the council members and some of their family joined just weeks before the last annual general meeting.

The foundation was incorporated in 1983 as a charitable society, and selects the citizen of the year, offer grants to community groups and bursaries for students, and organizes community events.

Becker said the group did award two $500 bursaries during the last Pitt Meadows secondary graduation ceremonies.

She said there was an interruption in the awarding of the citizen of the year in 2017, because the past board did not offer any of the paperwork for the award, which was typically given to a resident in June.

There has not been a citizen of the year in 2018 announced.

Becker said she has met with the Maple Ridge Community Foundation president to build a relationship between the groups, and she is working on new fundraisers for the organization.

“We’re just quietly doing our business, and doing good stuff,” she said.