Rich Hoffman has a brown bear in his back yard. (Contributed)

Rich Hoffman has a brown bear in his back yard. (Contributed)

Bear takes up residence in Maple Ridge back yard

Finds a comfortable spot beneath porch

Rich Hoffman has an unexpected guest that he’s not exactly sure whether to welcome or not.

A young black bear has decided to hunker down for a while under his porch in Albion in east Maple Ridge and he doesn’t know what to do to.

“There is a baby bear living under our porch. Anyone know of a rescue centre that will not kill it?” he asks on Facebook.

Other neighbours have chimed saying he or she may have recently been sent off by its mom and doesn’t know what to do.

Many are advising to call the Conservation Officer Service.

Local vetarinarian Adrian Walton added online that the conservation service is the only entity that can capture a bear, adding that officers do not kill bears unless they have to.

“The only legal entity who can capture and transport a bear is the conservation service,” Walton said.

Posted by Rich Hoffman on Wednesday, December 5, 2018