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City of Pitt Meadows addresses anti-dog flyer with city logo being shared online

Original flyers were posted in Pitt Meadows parks in 2017 and have since resurfaced on Twitter
The image of the anti-dog flyer in Pitt Meadows seems to be going around online again due to UK-based Twitter accounts that shared the flyer image on Jan. 7. (Blackpress file)

The City of Pitt Meadows has been forced to formally acknowledge a fake notice on dogs that is once again making its way around social media.

All of this spawns from an incident that occurred back in September of 2017 where notices were placed throughout several parks in the city, which warned people about letting dogs run around unleashed when in the presence of Muslim individuals.

As part of these flyers, the official City of Pitt Meadows logo was included on the bottom, which led many to believe that this was some sort of effort undertaken by the city.

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However, city hall was quick to come out and say that it was not associated with this flyer and that its logo was used without authorization.

Now, the image of this flyer has started circulating online once again, re-igniting the outrage surrounding it.

This has forced the City of Pitt Meadows to address the issue in a Jan. 9 press release, citing the fact that it is not involved whatsoever with the flyer or its message.

“Signs advising dog owners that their pets offend Muslims may bear the Pitt Meadows logo, but they do NOT originate from city hall,” said the city.

“As with most social media, once an article or image is uploaded, it’s near impossible to remove. Due to this, it’s expected that these posts will resurface periodically.”

The city emphasized that it is very welcoming to dogs, dog owners, and people of any culture, but does require dogs to be leashed if not in a designated off-leash area, of which the city has four.

The full statement from the City of Pitt Meadows can be found at

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