Crowded streets, parking problems peeve

Resident feeling squeezed as vehicles park too close

Signs tell motorists where to park.

Signs tell motorists where to park.

As more people pack into the city, parking problems pop up.

On Burnett Street, between Lougheed Highway and Dewdney Trunk Road, two new recent condo buildings have put more cars on to the streets.

That’s OK for resident Dale Hunter who lives in a house across from the new buildings, but she would like some help from the City of Maple Ridge in easing some of the issues.

“I’m not mad at these people. I’m mad at city hall. It’s their responsibility to fix this problem.”

Hunter says that residents who are living in the new condos don’t have enough parking spaces in the parkades below for all their vehicles so they park on the road.

And often those vehicles park too close to the end of Hunter’s driveway making it difficult for her to see down the road when she’s leaving her driveway.

While signs are posted that tell motorists they can’t park within three metres of a driveway, that happens all the time, Hunter says.

She’d like the city to paint lines on the road indicating where the parking lane ends to protect the space in front of the driveways.

That would make it easier for everyone to figure out where to park.

The issue is ruining relations with her neighbours. Two weeks ago when she parked her own car on the road, someone put dog excrement into her sunroof. Another neighbour had his car smeared with it.

“I want people to get along really nice. It’s a nice neighbourhood.

“I shouldn’t have to be afraid.”

She suggests making one side of Burnett Street for small cars and the other side for big pickup trucks.

However, Robin McNair with the city’s bylaw department, said that the city knows about the issues. “We have done several patrols and issued several tickets.”

She said it’s up to the city’s engineering department to decide whether to paint lines on the road.

“In our experience, having yellow lines really doesn’t help.” If people are going to park illegally, they’ll do so regardless.

Roads are public places and anyone can park their vehicle anywhere, providing they follow the parking restrictions posted.