Deer put down, but left in Maple Ridge ditch

A deer carcass was left in a ditch on 102 Avenue for as week.

A deer carcass was left in a ditch on 102 Avenue for as week.

A deer euthanized by Mounties after it was hit by a car in Maple Ridge was left to rot in a ditch for almost a week.

Police were forced to shoot the animal on April 25 because it was badly injured while trying to cross 102nd Avenue, between 248th and 256th streets.

People who live in the area contacted police, the District of Maple Ridge, the fire department and SPCA in an effort to get the deceased animal removed.

But Kathryn Duncan said her phone calls and emails fell on deaf ears.

The carcass lay in shallow water until Monday, May 2.

“It seems a little strange that the RCMP would put a deer down and leave it along the road to decay,” said Duncan, adding that her neighbours were concerned about the rotting flesh affecting drinking water and attracting bears who often frequent the area.

“It should have been dealt with in a more timely manner.”

District of Maple Ridge director of engineering operations Russ Carmichael admits the carcass should have been removed sooner.

The public works yard only received information about the dead deer on April 28, three days after it was killed, and was unable to deal with it over the weekend.

Carmichael said for quick service, residents should call the 24-hour public works number.

The public works crew gets about a dozen calls about larger roadkill per year, otherwise they mostly tackle with smaller carcasses such as raccoons.

24-hour line

The 24-hours public works emergency line: 604-463-9581.