Downtown landscape changes limp along

A four-story building is proposed for the corner of 224th Street by Memorial Peace Park.

A four-story building is proposed for the corner of 224th Street by Memorial Peace Park.

The blue construction fence set up recently around the parking lot may be a sign, the long-awaited facelift of Haney Place Mall is about to begin.

While he hasn’t spoken directly to the mall owner recently, Mayor Ernie Daykin says staff have told him that Narland Properties has applied for a building permit for the renovation of the south facade of the mall and parking lot.

Council previously approved a development permit for the renovations in spring.

The work will also prepare the way for Thrifty Foods to start its own modifications so it can move into the space formerly occupied by the Haney Marketplace and Antique Mall by early 2012.

Daykin said he’d be worried if no building permit application had been filed, but is confident the work is going ahead.

Narland earlier bought the two lots on 226th Street and Lougheed Highway for about $1.5 million, which will give the mall access to Lougheed.

Renovations for the Zellers at the west end of the mall remain to be determined. Target Corp. of Minneapolis, Minn., bought the Zellers chain earlier this year and said it will renovate several stores in Canada before opening them as Target stores in 2013.

Daykin said the Maple Ridge store is at the top of the Target list for its stores in B.C.

The streetscape could also change on 224th Street in the downtown if properties change hands.

Retail units are for sale at 11979 – 224th St.

“Recently opened Golden Ears Bridge and high-traffic area make this location and building a truly desirable investment,” says the posting on a website.

That’s listed for $1.6 million.

Near the corner of Dewdney Trunk Road at 11994 – 224th St., the property, including two retail units and an apartment above, is going for $799,000.

Another lot at 11965 – 224th St., is listed at $775,000.

“Ideal investment located on the main street for all city events,” says the listing.

The corner of McIntosh Avenue and 224th Street could see a completely new appearance in a few years.

Dave Prakash, of D.B. Prakash Properties, three years ago wanted to build a four-storey condo commercial complex on the corner, the current location of Jim’s Pizza.

But he couldn’t get an agreement to allow underpinning of the new building beneath the adjacent lot. Prakash, however, eventually bought that next lot for about a million dollars and still plans on putting up the new building in a few years as he arranges financing.

“It will be done, but it will take some time.”

He foresees a four-storey building with about 30 condominiums with retail on the ground floor.

“I like this location. We’ll try to make the most of it.”

Daykin hadn’t heard of any update on plans for a $23-million, two-building condominium complex on 119th Avenue and 226th Street, across from Haney Place Mall.

Start time was supposed to be August or September.

The application was approved in 2008 with a two-year building stage, followed by another year’s extension. The building is proposed to have four storeys with shops on the ground floor. It is to be built in two phases and have a total of 96 units.