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Elderly couple nearly tricked out of $9K in North Vancouver bail scam

Fraudsters pretended the couple’s grandson had been arrested

An elderly North Vancouver couple came close to losing $9,000 after they received a scam call from someone claiming to be a lawyer.

The fake lawyer told the couple their grandson had been arrested and that he needed bail money to be released.

The scammer told the grandparents to withdraw $9,000 from their bank and meet a “bond carrier” later that day. The couple prepared the cash, but grew suspicious when the supposed bond carriers – two women – showed up at their home.

The couple decided not to hand over the cash and, after calling their grandson, contacted police.

North Vancouver RCMP say the suspects drove a white BMW. The driver was described as a woman with poor complexion, and the passenger as an East Indian woman with large fake eyelashes.

RCMP say the descriptions match a pair of women other police departments in Canada have reported attempting similar scams.

People are reminded to report fraud to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, be careful about posting any personal details about themselves or family members on social media, privatize their accounts and switch up online passwords. RCMP also caution people to watch out for caller ID numbers that look familiar, since fraudsters have technology to make their number appear as someone else’s.

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