Evicted Maple Ridge man needs storage

“I’ve worked since I was 16. This shouldn’t be happening.”

George Wolfe is looking for a place to live.

George Wolfe is looking for a place to live.

As he surveys the pile of his belongings, George Wolfe remains oddly optimistic.

“This is not the end of the world,” he says with a smile. “This will pass. It’s only stuff.”

The stuff – 125 oil paintings, two mattresses, a book shelf, bicycle, an electric organ, lamp shades, a fishing net and over a dozen boxes – lie on the lawn in front of the townhouse in Mayo Place, where he lived for 17 years.

Wolfe was evicted from his home Tuesday after a dispute with his landlord.

The 64-year-old and his son are now living at the Salvation Army’s Caring Place. Their grey tabby cat Cody is being cared for at Katie’s Place.

Laid-off from his job in May, Wolfe has survived on a pension and employment insurance since then. He hopes to find a place to live by the end of the week, but has nowhere to store his possessions until he finds a new home.

“I’ve worked since I was 16,” said Wolfe. “This shouldn’t be happening.”

A kind neighbour stored a few valuables in his trailer, but the rest of Wolfe’s stuff remains strewn across a lawn in the townhouse complex.

Wolfe has also been offering the possessions to people for free.

“This could happen to anybody,” he says.