The event is being held on Feb. 10 at Fox’s reach

The event is being held on Feb. 10 at Fox’s reach

Family of abducted teen saying thanks

Maple Ridge girl was abducted by man Jan. 19 and severely beaten

The family of a teen recently abducted from outside Fox’s Reach Pub will be holding a function there on Feb. 10 to thank everyone involved in their daughter’s safe return.

The 17-year-old Westview student was approached by a young man on Saturday, Jan. 19, and he asked for help starting his car. He then pulled a pistol, and ordered her to drive away from the Westgate Mall in her car.

He took her to a remote area of Maple Ridge, and severely assaulted her. The teen managed to survive and escape, getting help at a nearby house.

Police released images of the suspect caught by a security camera, and on Tuesday, Jan. 22 he was arrested in Vancouver.

Maple Ridge police expressed appreciation for the quick and accurate information provided by members of the public, leading to the arrest of the accused.

Surrey resident Ian James William Campbell, 25, has been charged with kidnapping using a weapon, choking to overcome resistance, assault causing bodily harm and unlawful confinement.

“The family really wants to thank everybody,” said Jennifer Strain, a family friend and the organizer of the event. “They especially want to thank the couple who opened their door for her that night, and the police, and members of the public who put in tips.”

The victim was in hospital overnight, with injuries that were not life threatening, but battered and traumatized. Her jaw was so sore that she couldn’t open her mouth to eat.

“She was pretty beat up, that little girl,” said Strain. “It’s amazing what’s she’s gone through, but she’s still here.”

The girl had bought a 1993 red Honda Civic just two weeks prior to her abduction. When the family picked it up from police impound, they found it had been doused with gasoline. What’s more, the car brings the assault back for the girl.

“She doesn’t even want to see the car,” said Strain.

The Feb. 10 event will be attended by staff of Fox’s Reach, other businesses at Westgate Mall, police and other people by invitation.

Strain hopes the event will help the girl put the incident behind her.

“We want to make it fun, too,” she said.

“There’s an outpouring of love and support that’s coming her way.”