Gang associate convicted in Pitt Meadows bar room brawl

Aaron Kydd bit another man’s ear during fight, provincial court hears

A man who bit another man during a brawl at a Pitt Meadows country bar has been convicted of aggravated assault.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice James Williams rejected Aaron Michael Kydd’s claim of self-defence, finding him guilty of starting a fight that got him thrown out of Rooster’s Country Cabaret in December 2011.

“I do not accept Mr. Kydd’s description of what occurred,” said Justice Williams.

“I am satisfied Mr. Kydd made an aggressive move towards the complainant.”

The court heard that the fight was sparked after Kydd took a beer from a table where Daniel Goodman-Bell and three of his friends were sitting.

Kydd believed the beer belonged to him and was surprised when a Goodman-Bell walked up to him and snatched the beer out of his hand.

Goodman-Bell testified that Kydd later approached him and began to stare at him.

When Goodman-Bell asked Kydd what was wrong, he was punched.

Goodman-Bell told the court Kydd hit him several times, delivering blows to the back of his head and his face. He was also bitten on his ear and neck.

Kydd however claimed he acted in self-defense.

He told the court he was at Rooster’s for a work Christmas party and claimed he only approached Goodman-Bell to clear the air and find out what was wrong.

Kydd said Goodman-Bell made a “gun gesture” under the table before the fight began.

Kydd claimed he too was tackled by someone and was only trying to escape when he bit Goodman-Bell on the neck. Kydd insisted he did not tear a piece of flesh from Goodman-Bell’s ear.

Bouncers eventually broke up the fight and called police.

Justice Williams rejected Kydd’s version of events and questioned why he would “extend a hand of peace” if he believed that Goodman-Bell stole his beer.

“I conclude there was no one on his back as he described and there was nothing to stop him from withdrawing or getting off the complainant,” said Justice Williams.

Kydd, 30, held his head in his hands and doubled over as Justice Williams delivered his verdict.

Kydd was on parole at the time of the assault.

He was among five members of the Independent Soldiers, who were arrested for drug trafficking in Kamloops in 2009.

Kydd pleaded guilty to the charge and received a 30 month prison sentence.

He also has previous convictions for possessing a firearm, having control of a vehicle while impaired and several driving infractions.

Kydd is scheduled to return to New Westminster Supreme Court for a pre-sentence report in July.