Conservative incumbent Marc Dalton is once again running to be MP in the Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge riding. (Special to The News)

Conservative incumbent Marc Dalton is once again running to be MP in the Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge riding. (Special to The News)


Incumbent seeks re-election under Conservative banner

Each candidate was invited to provide a brief biography and answers to five key election questions


Age: 61

Have you held office in past? If so, please specify: Yes, I served as the MLA for Maple Ridge – Mission from 2009-2017 and have served as Member of Parliament for Pitt Meadow–Maple Ridge since 2019

Bio: Marc was born in Germany, when his father was stationed there with the Royal Canadian Air Force, and grew up on military bases across Canada. Marc served in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves and is a member of the local Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 88.

Marc is Metis and is proud of his Indigenous ancestry. He is a member of Metis Nation BC and locally of Golden Ears Metis Society (GEMS).

He has a bachelor of arts degree in French and history and a master’s in educational leadership – both from Simon Fraser University.




Telephone : 778-831-0159



Each candidate for the Sept. 20, 2021 federal election has been provided with these five (5) questions, along with the following instructions.

To help voters make their choice on election day, The News is asking local candidates a series of questions on issues of importance.

Each question MUST be answered: yes (Y), no (N), or (D) Don’t Know. This is not meant to make things difficult. But reality is that if you’re in the House you’d have to vote yes, no, or abstain. The bonus is that each candidate can expand on ANY or ALL of our questions with answers of up to 200 words each that will appear online.

Please note, that due to space limitations, only one of your answers will be included in the print edition of The News on Sept. 16. You get to pick which one. So, you must CLEARLY indicate which expanded answer you want to see published in print. If you don’t specify, we will choose.

1. Would you support a federal vehicle tax based on CO2 emissions?

Dalton: “No. We’ve got a number of other measures to reduce emissions as part of our Detailed Plan to tackle climate change, which you can view at”

2. Does your party have a plan to fill the many staff vacancies in the RCMP?

Dalton: “Yes, Canada’s Recovery Plan includes a commitment to hiring 200 new police officers, including here in the Lower Mainland, to combat gangs and the smuggling of guns.

We will also invest $100 million over five years to train officers to deal with the concerning rises in cyber-crime, domestic violence, and sexual exploitation.”

3. Would you support the federal government cancelling the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to fight climate change?

Dalton: “No.”

4. Should Ottawa provide cash incentives to parents for fully vaccinating children, including vaccination against COVID, flu, measles, etc.?

Dalton: “No.”

5. Given our inability to make vaccines at the start of the pandemic, should Ottawa double its investment in research, science, and tech startups?

Dalton: “Yes. Canada’s Recovery Plan includes creating a stockpile of essential products and building the capacity to manufacture future vaccines at home. We also have a plan to unleash innovation and support new business startups.”


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