Maple Ridge roads getting care and attention

$1.2 million worth of projects planned in Maple Ridge.

  • May. 7, 2014 6:00 p.m.
Maple Ridge will get $694

Maple Ridge will get $694

Better weather means more roadwork and Imperial Paving is ready to start another $1.2-million worth of paving projects in Maple Ridge.

District of Maple Ridge staff point out the contractor’s unit price hasn’t increased from last year.

Scheduled for resurfacing and repairs for 2014:

• 124th Avenue, between Laity and 216th streets;

• Stonehouse Avenue, between 210th and 212th streets;

• 248th Street, between Dewdney Trunk Road and 122nd Avenue;

• McIntosh Avenue, between 224th and 223rd streets;

• 256th Street, north of 128th Avenue.

A major stretch of 207th Street will be redone, from River Road to Dewdney Trunk Road.


• 225th Street, between Lougheed Highway and Royal Avenue;

• 112th Avenue, between 272nd and 276th streets;

• Laity Street, between Lougheed Highway and Dewdney Trunk Road;

• 264th Street, from 96th to 98th Avenue;

• Dewdney Trunk Road, between 272nd and 276th streets, and between Dover and 216th streets;

• Creekside Street, north of Kanaka Way to 11200 block;

• 228A Street, between 127th and 128th streets.

In return for the taxes they pay, Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows residents also get help from TransLink through its major road network funding.

This year, Maple Ridge will get $694,000 while Pitt Meadows will get $189,000 for road maintenance and operation.

Maple Ridge will also get another $477,000 to pay half of the cost of a multi-use pathway along 128th Avenue from Laity to 210th Street.

That will coincide with the widening of 128th Avenue from 203rd to 224th street that’s due to start next year.

TransLink will spend more than $45 million on Metro Vancouver road upgrades overall this year.

Most of the money – $39 million – is contributed to municipalities to maintain and repair sections of the region’s 600-kilometre Major Road Network of arterial routes.

The spending on roads and cycling represents three per cent of TransLink’s $1.49-billion budget, 60 per cent of which goes to transit operations.