More townhomes for Silver Valley

Maple Ridge is considering an application to build 69 new townhouses on 132nd Avenue

More developments leading to the build-out of Maple Ridge are in the works before staff and council at municipal hall.

Council, in its committee meeting, considered an application to build 69 townhouses in Silver Valley at 23657 – 132nd Ave., and sent the submission on to Tuesday’s council meeting.

The proposal, by owner Michael Karton, calls for the homes to be built on five acres of sloped land stretching between 133rd and 132nd avenues, and for managing stormwater by using rain gardens, shallow ditches and absorbent landscaping to minimize runoff in to the drain system.

Each of the townhomes would have a two-car garage, and a community garden is planned for the complex. The proposal complies with the Silver Valley area plan.

Staff note that a tributary of Maple Ridge Park Creek flows through the property and would require parkland to stretch 15 metres from the top of the stream bank.

The development is also within 50 metres of the top of the bank and, therefore, would require a water course protection development permit.

Council was to vote Tuesday on whether to send the application to public hearing.

Another application to fill in an empty spot on the Haney Bypass and 228th Street also ended up on councillors’ desks Tuesday.

NAG Construction wants to build a 43-unit townhome at 22810 – 113th Ave. The property is also on sloped land and will allow each of the townhomes views of the Fraser River. Access will be via 113th Avenue.

The property is located in the southern area of the Town Centre area plan and as a result will have to provide a range of housing. A staff report says the project complies with the plan. A developer’s information meeting drew about 15 people last July.