New condominium complex riles residents of Copperstone Ridge

Setbacks infringe on creek

Residents who live in a strata unit along 124th Avenue at 222nd Street are upset about the building that will house their new neighbours on 122nd Street, two new buildings which will hold 109 condos.

The president of the strata council for the nearby Copperstone Ridge strata complex disagrees that the infringements on setbacks that border the project are minor, according to a staff report.

John Kelly says the setbacks for the project at 12256 – 222nd St., infringe on a conservation area that protects a creek, and are being allowed solely so the developer can maximize the number of units.

According to the staff report, the project would impinge two metres into the southern boundary facing 123rd Avenue and two metres on the western boundary, facing 222nd Street. Another of the variances would see 3.6-metre infringement on to another setback area on the west side of the project. One of the west-facing boundaries involves a conservation boundary.

Kelly also disagrees with the report that the project “fits well within the neighbourhood.”

The “monstrosity overwhelms” the existing single family homes, on 123rd and 124th Avenues, he says.

The condo residents also say the new building will require residents to close their blinds to protect their privacy and use more electricity.

He pointed out later that two of the setback variances eat up half of the setbacks and that balconies on the north side of one of the buildings will look directly into the residences of Copperstone Ridge.

“It appears to me that this and previous councils are all too willing to give away the treasure to any developer that rides into town. We have certainly found they use every procedural road block to prevent any questioning or challenges from affected residents.”

But a staff report says letters were sent to nearby residents about the changes in the setbacks and that residents have had their chance to speak. It also points out that replanting and improvement of streamside area near the creek will be part of the project.

The project will use permeable pavers to increase infiltration of stormwater while water that does run off will be filtered through sand before it drains to the outfall.

The application returns to council next week.