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New Hammond ball field not ready for spring

Baseball diamond will not be ready for play this year.
Tyler Penill welds the top rail of the new Hammond Stadium fence on Wednesday.

Welders were putting up the outfield fence for the new Hammond Stadium ball park this week.

But while the diamond in the dirt is starting to sparkle, it will not be ready for play this year.

Maple Ridge director of Parks and Facilities David Boag explained the grass will not be solidly established. After hydroseeding, it will take the entire summer for the turf to grow out.

“It’ll take a while to establish before we allow play on it.”

The historic ball park is getting a $750,000 makeover. Hammond Stadium and Larry Walker Field have a hardball history dating back to the 1950s.

By the fall, baseball fans will finally be able to sit in the stands at the refurbished park, eat a Hammond hoagy and watch some hardball.