One toll bill for Golden Ears, Port Mann bridges starting on Sept. 1

Drivers registered with TReO will get bills for both bridges from TReO, and will also get best rates on both bridges.

  • Aug. 20, 2014 8:00 a.m.

Crossing the Golden Ears and Port Mann Bridges will become simpler for drivers, starting Monday, Sept. 1.

On that day, drivers will begin to receive one TReO bill for both bridges. The new TReO combined bill means one less bill for drivers to pay and guarantees eligible customers the best rate on both bridges. Until now, drivers who were registered for the Golden Ears Bridge, owned by TransLink, had to have transponders in their vehicles to get the lowest rates.

The current lowest rate on the Golden Ears Bridge for passenger cars is $3.05, and registered drivers without transponders have been paying $3.60. Those rates were adjusted upwards on July 15.

Port Mann Bridge passenger car drivers pay $3 per crossing if they have a TReO decal.

Most TReO customers are already set for combined billing. All they need is a TReO account, a payment method on file, and a TReO decal installed in their car and they’ll start seeing their Golden Ears crossings show up on their TReO bill in September. If they’re missing any of these things, they can contact TReO to register, update their account or order a decal.

Golden Ears Bridge drivers will be able to manage their crossings through their TReO account. Their trips will be listed by bridge and by vehicle so it’s easy to see when and where they crossed.

The toll systems on the Port Mann Bridge and the Golden Ears Bridge have worked together since the new Port Mann opened in December 2012, but combined billing adds simplicity and convenience for drivers. Combined billing is a new and efficient way to reconcile tolls between TReO and Quickpass, and keeps operating costs low for both organizations.

Each bridge will continue to have different toll rates, vehicle classifications, and promotions. Drivers who receive a Golden Ears bill from Quickpass will pay their bill to Quickpass. Drivers who receive a new TReO combined bill with crossings for both bridges will pay their tolls to TReO.

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