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Personal crimes drop a bit in February in Maple Ridge

Down by four per cent from a year ago
Ridge Meadows crime stats snapshot for February 2020. Contributed

Ridge Meadows RCMP have released its second monthly crime snapshot, which shows an eight-per-cent drop in crimes against persons from the month before and a drop of four per cent from February 2019.

In all, there were 169 criminal incidents against people last February in Maple Ridge, with assault being the most common crime with 58 such incidents.

After that, threatening someone was the second-most common crime – with 40 such incidents.

Domestic violence accounted for 20 of those calls in February and sex offences accounted for 10.

Incidents at the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre or Alouette Correctional Centre for Women accounted for 12.

Only three calls came in February from incidents in the three supportive housing complexes in Maple Ridge.

Finally, another 26 incidents involved a range of crimes, including harassment, indecent phone calls, extortion, and robbery.

When it comes to property crimes, there’s been a six-per-cent increase from last February 2019.

Theft from auto accounted for the largest category in February 2020, with 88 such incidents, with theft of auto accounting for 27. Shoplifting accounted for 61 incidents, followed by mischief at 59 and break and enter at 47.

The five most-common reasons for calling the cops in February were (in descending order) theft, assist fire or ambuance, suspicious people, suspicious circumstances, and traffic incidents.

Ridge Meadows RCMP started releasing the monthly snapshots in January.

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