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Pitt Meadows technology to help grow leafy greens in Okanagan

Cubic Farms sold 16 of its machines to a company in Armstrong, B.C.
The CubicFarm System moves rows of leafy greens through a system calibrated to grow the perfect crop. (

Leafy greens galore will be grown in the Okanagan thanks to some innovative local technology.

CubicFarms, who provide systems to grow commercial scale crops indoors, operate their research and development facility out of Pitt Meadows.

They have agreed to a sale of 16 of their machines to a farming operation in Armstrong.

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CubicFarms CEO Dave Dineson said the technology is helpful regardless of how great a climate it is used in.

“While the Okanagan Valley is a great location for growing fresh produce, the weather can affect growing seasons,” he noted.

“CubicFarms allows our customer to eliminate the weather variable and grow locally, all year round.”

He openly invited other growers to come visit the Pitt Meadows facility to get a first-hand view of how the technology works.

The system -which is scheduled to be installed by the end of the year - includes 14 growing machines, two propagation machines - which are used in the germination stage - and an irrigation system.

The company says it will reduce the need for physical labour and promises to maximize yield per cubic foot of available space.

Operations with the system in place can expect to grow up to two million heads of lettuce per year or thousands of pounds of micro greens.

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