Liberal MP Dan Ruimy (left) is being criticized for signing his name to a cheque for federal funds.

Liberal MP Dan Ruimy (left) is being criticized for signing his name to a cheque for federal funds.

Tory takes Liberal MP to task for novelty cheque

Chilliwack Conservative MP Mark Strahl took issue with Liberal Dan Ruimy.

Opponents of the previous Conservative government often got upset when those MPs put their names on novelty cheques that were dispersing federal funds.

Now, the tables have turned, with Conservatives nagging the Liberals over the same issue.

MacLean’s magazine recently criticized Liberal MP Dan Ruimy (Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge) for posing with an oversized cheque for $100,000 in federal funds to help renovate the Harris Road spray park.

Chilliwack Conservative MP Mark Strahl also took issue.

The cheque featured the coat of arms of the Government of Canada along with Ruimy’s name at the bottom of the cheque.

“Upon reflection, maybe I shouldn’t have added my name on the bottom,” Ruimy said.

He tweeted out the original photo of the presentation at Pitt Meadows council.

Strahl noticed and in January retweeted the photo, adding his own comments.

“Remember when Liberals used to lose their minds when Conservative MPs put their names and signatures on novelty cheques? Strahl tweeted.

“OK now, apparently.”

Strahl added later the Liberal position now that they’re back in government, is that they can take credit for public money that is being handed out for infrastructure projects.

He objected to the Liberal party’s hypocrisy on that, saying that when they were in opposition it was bad but now it’s OK now that they’re in power.

Ruimy though checked into the householders or brochures that he mails to constituents and has found that he’s allowed to include the Liberal party logo on those.

He sought confirmation for that from Parliament’s printing and mailing services which confirmed that party logos are allowed to be included on householders, stationery.