A generation too squeezed for time to volunteer

Mom would love to help out but too many other demands

Editor, The News:

Re: Service to others, fading away (The News, Oct. 23).

I am offended by the suggestion that volunteering is on the decline because younger generations’ cellphones and computers are draining away time. I would argue that our service is on the rise, but is forced to take a much different form.

We are called the Squeeze Generation, because we are quite literally squeezed of every dollar and minute we have.

I would love to spend a day fundraising for worthy causes, but I have to help my aging parents who are suffering from heart disease and physical disabilities.

I have to help my husband’s parents who are fighting cancer and early onset dementia.

We are too busy helping the aging volunteers because there is no other help for them.

I am a mother of two younger children, and would love to volunteer to this community in my spare time. But, I have to make sure my kids are healthy first.

I would volunteer, but because our government has put value in making money, and is not making it affordable for young families to live, my husband and I are forced to work grueling hours.

I do not mean to sound unappreciative. Of course, a huge applause goes out to those who are retired with children who have grown up and are now living independently and have time to spare. Of course, I appreciate the technology you have provided to hospitals. Our parents need it.

However, it is not my generation’s fault that we are not raising money. Perhaps the fault lies in a government that is not willing to provide adequate funding to our health care.

My service goes to my family first and my community second. I hope that you see that the Squeeze Generation has nothing left to give.

K. L. Beeby

Maple Ridge