A perfect place to learn golf

Letter writers sad to see Heather Hills Golf Course go.

Editor, The News:

Re: Former mayor packs it in, selling the farm (The News, March 7).

It is with great sadness that I have learned about the passing of a pillar in our community.

I am not referring to a person, but the Heather Hills Golf Course.

The Robson family has spent untold hours and funds to create an oasis in our small area of the province, only to see it fall to bureaucratic stupidity.

It is so blatantly obvious that someone at municipal hall has a personal vendetta against Gordy Robson.

To grant him an agri-tourism operating license for many years, then pull the rug out from under this  non-profit charity operation is a travesty that deserves an investigation.

Surely the taxpayer-funded, authorities who make these decisions have better things to do than to shut down a community resource such as this.

We will miss the laid-back atmosphere of this family-friendly little course, where you could take your kids for a round of golf on the short nine-hole layout, which was enjoyable for the children and still a challenge for adults.

I am proud to say that my daughter is a golfer today because of the affordable lessons and patient instructors at this  little club.

I know of no other golf facility in the Lower Mainland where the lessons and the course were as perfect for young golfers to learn to enjoy the game.

I thought we were wanting to encourage recreation and exercise for society, not limit it.

What will become of this picturesque area is now anyone’s guess. Maybe the land could be bulldozed and turned into a condo or townhouse development so that we can lose another beautiful part of our world to sprawl.

But that would be just what the pave-it-over, developer-friendly crowd at municipal hall would want.

Dean Cousins

Maple Ridge


A place to go

Editor, The News:

Re: Former mayor packs it in, selling the farm (The News, March 7).

I remember reading an article by a lady who said she liked Gordy Robson better from his articles than when he mayor. Me, too.

Yeah, he may have acquired the ability to do what he did with his property because he was in the position to, as mayor at the time.

But the golf course and farm is an enhancement  to that area, which is populating at a quick pace.

Give those people a place close to their homes and in our community for family recreation. It is foresight.

I’m sure if he put a Caring Place or a soup kitchen up there, we would be throwing money at him. Just saying.

S. Shea

Maple Ridge