Autocross noise no louder than the ‘wind’

We spend a lot of effort ensuring that our noise output is minimized.

Editor, The News:

Re: Airport neighbours call for an end to autocross events (The News, Sept. 19).

I am one of the participants and a volunteer at the autocross events at Pitt Meadows airport.

We spend a lot of effort ensuring that our noise output is minimized.

We measure the sound of every vehicle participating to ensure it meets the standards set out in the operating permit, of which all concerned parties, including residents of Ford Road, agreed to.

To my knowledge, no bylaw officer has ever come out to the site to measure sound, and we would welcome an official measurement.

The sound levels that we are achieving are far below those that would constitute a bylaw infraction.

I can’t pretend that we don’t cause any sound to travel to the neighbors’ properties nearby, but it is by no means loud.

On the edge of the airport property line at Ford Road, the autocross noise doesn’t register on a decibel metre above the ambient noise of traffic on Ford Rd., the wind, farming activities, or planes taking off.

I would also like to point out the many benefits of having the car clubs meet in Pitt Meadows. For each event, upwards of 80 drivers attend and spend their money at the businesses in Pitt Meadows.

First off, there is the rental fees paid for the rental of the site.

Then there are 80 drivers filling up their gas tanks at the gas stations.

These same drivers also likely bought their breakfast or coffee in the morning, and then buy their lunch as well.

We want to continue to participate in autocross events in Pitt Meadows.

We have met every requirement set out by the operating permit.

We would like the chance to continue working with the neighbors and the airport society to find reasonable solutions and a mutual understanding of the situation.

After all, the Pitt Meadows airport site is the only location in all of the Lower Mainland where we can participate in our sport.

Norman Hayton