Cellphones needed to save lives

Letter writer Dan Banov says B.C. Parks needs to improve cell signals in Golden Ears park

Editor, The News:

Re: Golden Ears park needs cell signals, The News, July 9). Cellphones are one of the most important modern-day advances that improve life.

For B.C. Parks to say a phone at the gate is good enough is like saying the horses in neighbourhood properties are good enough for emergency transportation.

In India, it is reported that a campaign is active to convince the public that putting in a bathroom is more important than having a cellphone.

Many similar examples exist to show importance of cellphones.

Many hikers expect that cellphone communication to be their life lines. It is their insurance for safety.

I live in Whonnock and have poor reception because some group of fear mongers protested a tower being put up.  Somehow, the fear of dangerous electronic waves is so great that I might die of cancer or else be subject to some mind control by a secret society.

Communication is a necessary service that saves lives.

Dan Banov

Maple Ridge