Dalton won’t check recall lists

Editor, The News:

Re: Dalton checking recall list (The News, April 14).

In your article, you claim I’ve made a Freedom of Information request to view who signed the recall petition against me.

I have made no such request and I will not be examining the lists.

The public might be interested to know that a redacted version of the recall sheets (due to individuals who request that their information be obscured from public inspection) can be viewed at the Elections BC office in Victoria.

The requester is required to sign a declaration stating that personal information viewed will not be used except as permitted under the Recall and Initiative Act and the Election Act.

Regardless of whether or not a constituent signed the recall petition, or whether or not an individual voted for me in the last election, I have always purposed to do what I can to assist people with their needs and challenges.

I have constituency assistants in both my Maple Ridge and Mission offices to help me with this effort and I know that we have been able to help the lives of many people.

Marc Dalton, MLA

Maple Ridge – Mission