Democracy is measured by freedom for all

Editor, The News:

Re: Democracy lesson (Letters, April 20).

Wayne Clark’s reasoning is fallacious.

It is Marc Dalton’s democratic right as an ordinary citizen or elected official to access the information available under the Freedom of Information Act.

Would Mr. Clark abolish freedom of information?

Now whose putting the boots on?

It is beneath contempt to attribute the words such as degenerative misfits to how Mr. Dalton regards various groups of people. This has never come out of Mr. Dalton’s mouth, but drips from Mr. Clark’s pen.

He is now omniscient and knows what people are thinking?

The recallers had a legal, democratic right to try to unseat Mr. Dalton, and he has a legal democratic right to know who they are.

Abbie Hoffman was no one to emulate, and his quote confirms this as it was undemocratic and exclusionary.

Democracy is measured by the freedom of all citizens – dissidents, assimilated conformists, gays, New Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, union officials, union members, even degenerates.

Democracy is for all.

Cherryl Katnich

Maple Ridge