District of Maple Ridge lawsuit must be a joke

Why go after former mayor for golf course when other properties are run down

Editor, The News:

Re: Maple Ridge sues ex-mayor (The News, May 10).

This must be a joke?

Or perhaps the lawyers for the District of Maple Ridge must be having a slow year.

And, yes, I am a golfer, having played for more than 60 years, but not at Heather Hills, since I prefer to play on championship courses, and I don’t think that Gord Robson’s golf course fits into that category. I guess it is more likely a chip and putt course for novices to have fun at.

In fact, as the newspaper reports, the Robsons sell green fees for the purpose of raising money for charities.

Consequently, it is not even a commercial venture.

They also raise certain agricultural products. So where is the harm or damage to the land?

A fridge for a refreshment stand? A tent for a club house? Give me a break, even the lowest class golf course I have played at could do better than that.

Strangely, nitpicking to people maintaining property better than most seems to be a specialty for certain municipal bureaucrats.

On the other hand, other folks are allowed to let their properties deteriorate and turn into dumps – with rusted vans and broken down plastic green houses.

I guess bylaw officers or other municipal officials are blind.

Lance Felgnar

Pitt Meadows