Don’t encourage homeless in Maple Ridge

The real question: is permitting this camp helping or enabling?

Editor, The News:

Re: Cliff campers digging in (The News, May 13).

The question always comes up, with the only solution being to build homes. That is a simplistic solution.

The real question: is permitting this camp helping or enabling?

Abbotsford put up portable toilets and I am not sure when the city plans to bring in power. Is this the direction of Maple Ridge, or maybe the business next door should help by setting up a hot tub for use of those on the street.

Phil Melnychuk wrote to identify three reasons for homelessness: those who lost a job; a mental health issue; or addiction issues.

Those who lost jobs can always get a place to stay with the B.C. welfare system, which spends two and half billion dollars a year on social services.  This group can get help if desired.

Why is it thousands of immigrants come here with not a penny and I have never seen a homeless immigrant?

Those with mental health and addiction issues cannot solve them by being given a ‘home’ or enabling them to have a comfortable convenient space in that neighbourhood.  You can see how quickly this location is expanding as word gets out a no hassle place is available.

Enabling does not help.

They need help with their issues. They do not need the city enabling the comfort of living in tents.

Choices of help are not looked at favourably.

A drug addict needs a reason to get off drugs, not support by enabling living on street.

Dan Banov

Maple Ridge