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Expertise denied

Fletcher has once again, denies scientific expertise in his latest rant

Editor, The News:

Re. Think before you vote municipally in November (BC Views).

We should not be surprised because columnist Tom Fletcher has, in the past, shown that he is against unions and against social programs that help those struggling, and he is a great mouthpiece for all those science deniers who find the almighty dollar more important than the preservation of the animals and vegetables on this planet.

Now, in his recent rant, he has moved into the realm of racism by calling into question the legitimacy of a Coast Salish burial ground on an islet off of Salt Spring Island, defending a rich, “misunderstood” business man from Alberta who continues to deny the cultural significance of the burial ground. True to form, Mr. Fletcher has once again denied scientific expertise, blatantly excluding it.

“’Either [the landowner] is grossly misinformed, or it is another cynical attempt to trivialize and devalue the scientific and First Nation cultural significance of ancient human remains and burial cairns at Grace Islet to help build his house,” said Eric McLay, an archeologist.

Other than as a calculating shill for the oil industry, what qualifications does Mr. Fletcher have?

Surely, as a media outlet, objectivity and factual evidence is critical to legitimacy.

Thomas Howard