Gov’t has long supported ‘challenged persons’

Editor, The News:

Re: Gov’t leaving its options open (Letters, Sept. 28).

As I have always questioned MLA Mike Sather’s credentials, I am glad he has decided not to seek reelection, even more so after reading his ramblings regarding the CLBC fiasco with recycling.

He believes the planned cuts were the Liberals attempt to pay for the HST campaign ‘waged on British Columbians’.

That doesn’t even make sense.

The financial support to recycling was a mere $300,000, nowhere near the figures I’m aware of around HST.

He goes on to say that the government has little respect for supported employment programs in our area. I have long been associated with challenged persons in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, even B.C. as a whole, and have never seen this lack of respect from any party in our provincial government.

Finally, he believes Premier Christy Clark is putting interests of private business above those of people with special needs. Too bad he emailed you before getting the rest of the news, a retraction of the plan and removal of the minister responsible for the faux pas.

Lorne Riding

Maple Ridge