Has Maple Ridge become police state?

Editor, The News:

Re: We’re fed up with money-grubbing municipalities (Letters, May 27).

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments of Jason Feasby. He describes the same sentiments felt by countless others frustrated by our over-inflated tax bills in conjunction with the much-talked-about, outrageous and ridiculous, out-of-control bylaw office antics.

Mr. Feasby details in his letter that his taxes have gone up $400 on top of the $400 increase from the previous year. He then goes on to describe the door-to-door harassment he has endured from the bylaw department looking for illegal suites.

Particularly notable is, as Mr. Feasby calls it, “the thin and unsubstantiated guise” that, they say, they have received a complaint.

Has Maple Ridge become a police state? What exactly constitutes the vicious behavior of the bylaw office these days? Could the potential enormous cost of the proposed, controversial adjudication process, snuck in behind our backs, be responsible for the hikes in our taxes?

The Facebook group site Maple Ridge Bylaws (a group of frustrated citizens) may hold the answers. I and thousands of other Maple Ridge taxpayers would like to know exactly who is responsible for what is going on down at the bylaw office and how much longer will this ridiculous behavior continue before council will address this matter.

Susan Webb

Maple Ridge