Hospital parking doesn’t add up

There must be some misunderstanding as reasoning behind fees confuse

Editor, The News:

I’m sorry. I am misunderstanding something here. Be patient and bear with me, please. I was educated in our public school system.

Fraser Health spokesperson Tasleem Juma says that parking fees at the hospital are set by Lower Mainland Parking Services, which is administered by Fraser Health.

“Parking Services look at all pay parking sites around and adjacent to the hospital”, says Juma, “and then the hospital parking fee is set slightly lower.”

Here’s where the misunderstanding comes from.

If parking at the West Coast Express station is $3 for the entire day, and the only other pay parking is under the Leisure Centre and civic square, and that parking is free for the first hour and then $0.75 per hour after that, how on earth does Lower Mainland Parking Services come up with parking fees at the hospital of $3.50 for the first hour, then $3.00 per hour after that?

Like I said, public school education, guess I didn’t learn math very well.

Cheryl Baron

Maple Ridge