It’s about watching community bloom

Maple Ridge council should be proud of its accomplishments so far

Editor, The News:

There are many making statements and suggesting that things are not happening in Maple Ridge, that the ‘old’ guys and gals are not adequate, blah, blah, blah.

First, things are going on, and, in my opinion, in a sensible manner. Success does not come overnight.

Secondly, if these people do not want to have growth, they better discover a method of convincing all to stop propagating.

Council needs a couple of changes, there is no doubt, but most of the present group should be proud of their achievements and direction so far, albeit it slower than a lot of us would like.

I think some of the council-seat-seeking crowd is looking more for pay cheques than a chance to be part of seeing this community blossom.

Lorne Riding

Maple Ridge