It’s time for a major upgrade of hydro

Editor, The News:

The last time a major hydro dam was built in B.C. barely three million people were in the province. More than 1.5 million people have been added since, and they all use electricity.

Hydro dams built to supply three million people can’t realistically satisfy the needs of 4.5 million people, regardless of how many conservation measures and energy efficiencies are implemented. At some point, more supply has to be added.

Unfortunately, some people don’t seem to understand this and seem to think B.C.’s existing dams can satisfy our growing electricity demands indefinitely.

Well it just ain’t so folks! The math is simple: more people using more electricity means more electricity is needed.

Previous generations built the hydro dams we’ve benefited from at great personal cost. We’ve been standing on their shoulders, and it’s time for our generation to step up and pay our share. Future generations will thank us just as we should be thanking the generations before us for the running head start they gave us.

Christopher Law