Leaving us with no bus connections at all

TransLink looking at cutting service, could cut off Thornhill

Editor, The News:

Re: Taxes rise but TransLink cuts in Maple Ridge and elsewhere (The News, Nov. 23).

The proposed cuts to the Thornhill buses C48 and C49 will leave us with no bus connections at all.

We walk 25 minutes uphill to get the C48 at 100th Avenue, or half an hour along the busy Lougheed Highway to get the C49 at 72nd Avenue.

The C49 is not busy at 100th Ave.. That is near the end of its run and it has been dropping people off along the route, then starts picking up people on the return run.

Its last run is at 6 p.m. and it’s not busy picking up then for the return because 6 p.m. is the last bus home until the next morning.

People thinking green say they want to encourage people to take public transport, but here we have the province spending millions on car infrastructure, then TransLink cutting people off from bus access.

Romah Balabanov

Maple Ridge