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LETTER: CP’s Pitt Meadows plans concern local mom

Noise and fumes are issues being questioned by a local letter writer
CP Rail intends to create a logistics park with fuel and grain storage in Pitt Meadows. A local mom is concerned about the impacts on her family. (Special to The News)

Dear Editor,

I live in Pitt Meadows with my young family (kids ages four and two).

We are right beside the train tracks.

I am very concerned about what this new rail means for them.

My biggest concern is the lack of mitigation, for both noise and fumes, that is planned for this expansion.

We are already seeing extensive fumes while trains are idling and changing directions.

My kids play in our backyard.

They are breathing this in.

Their bedroom walls are beside the tracks.

How will the unmitigated noise affect their sleep?

What does this new rail mean for them?

Jennifer Friesen, Pitt Meadows


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