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LETTER: Homeless not given enough consideration, Maple Ridge resident says

Residents pushing back when provinces tries to put roofs over people’s heads
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Dear Editor,

I read the first of your series on issues around homelessness in Maple Ridge.

Re: [Mods’ raise ire of neighbours, The News, Oct. 22].

It’s a subject that concerns me, and I was disappointed to see that the story was more about the neighbours than it was about the well-being of the homeless.

It seems as if the provincial government is attempting to bring about a solution for citizens who have no roof over their heads, but Maple Ridge is pushing back.

If the province is providing housing resolutions, it seems fair that the region would come forward with those supports that could make tenable the lives of troubled people.

We are the people who have taken the best out of the economy.

Perhaps we owe a little to those who have been trampled in the process.

Allen Aicken, Maple Ridge


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