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LETTER: Jobs and taxes should not outweigh CP yard concerns of Pitt Meadows’ residents

Governments need to keep corporations in check, letter writer says
Map showing the logistics park site, which is subject to change. (CP Rail/Special to The News)

Dear Editor,

There were many issues brought up in the Aug. 19 article that will need to be addressed. The one area that I would like to highlight is the traffic.

The quickest access to the Fraser Valley and the largest and busiest container ports is via the Golden Ears Bridge. As a result, there will be a very noticeable increase in semi-trucks to add to the Amazon fleet already using that thoroughfare. Airport road is currently being widened to four lanes with plans to replace the free-flowing traffic circles with lights at both Harris and Bonson intersections. For citizens of Bonson Landing, get ready for lots of idling traffic on your doorstep.

What will happen to Ford Road that connects the proposed CP Yard? Will it be widened? Who will pay for it?

With Pitt Meadows known as a cycling destination, how will this affect cyclist?

The traffic issue along with the Katzie’s concerns, flooding of neighbouring farms, noise and environmental impact, and loss of agricultural land, must be answered before the Canadian Transportation Agency approves the proposal.

Jobs and taxes cannot be used a reason to compromise the community’s future.

CP answers to their board and shareholders whose priority is to maximize profit. CP will spend the least amount possible to push the project through.

The days of good corporate citizens are long gone.

We need the government agencies in charge to hold CP accountable.

Garrick Jay, Pitt Meadows


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