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LETTER: Maple Ridge pedestrian death leaves great deal of collateral damage

Local writer encourages people to think about how risky behaviours affect loved ones and strangers
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Dear Editor,

[Re: Pedestrian 69, struck by car on Lougheed dies, The News, Feb. 10]

I decided to write this letter, because this not the first time a jaywalker has died near the intersection of 216th Street and Lougheed Highway. I understand intersections on the previous part of Lougheed Highway are quite far apart.

However, jaywalking is clearly not the answer. Jaywalking is against the law.

The sad part is a 69-year-old man is dead, which was totally preventable. I doubt very much if the driver, providing the driver was not impaired and was not speeding, will be charged with an offence.

However, the driver will carry a heavy burden with him/her for the rest of their life knowing they killed someone, which is not fair.

Also, the pedestrian’s family will be burdened with unnecessary sadness and grief, as they never got a chance to be with their dying loved one. So, this message is for pedestrians thinking about jaywalking – don’t. If you jaywalk and get killed, you will leave behind a trail of collateral damage and unnecessary victims.

Linda Meyer, Maple Ridge


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