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Submit letters to the editor through our website, via email or in writing.

LETTER: Maple Ridge resident critical of MP’s backing of unvaxxed health workers

MP lobbied premier not to force people out of public health care jobs

Dear Editor,

Re: [MP asks Horgan to reconsider vax mandate for health-care workers,, March 8]

This article was disturbing to me. After praising Mr. Horgan for his leadership Mr. Dalton then goes on to say, he (Mr. Horgan) was wrong? Is that what I read? If Mr. Dalton is representing his supporters I wonder what percentage of all those who voted for him are unvaxxed?

You may “stand up for the health professionals,” Mr. Dalton, but you seem to be forgetting it was the health professionals who made these decisions. As for the patients, if the vaccine “protects them from the worst side effects” would it not make sense to be vaccinated rather than dead? How many unvaxxed health-care workers who see several people every day have passed on COVID-19? The majority of deaths have been people over 70 years – are we expendable?

May I suggest you and your unvaccinated supporters walk in the shoes of the doctors and nurses who have to treat the unvaccinated. Of course there are people who are leaving their jobs. Have you worked five 12 hour shifts with only 10 or 15 minute breaks because you know someone is waiting for their meds? Have you heard of a doctor after 16 hours on duty, say to his nurse “I’m sorry, I just can’t go on” with tears in his eyes? Do you know a nurse who tried to register a non-vaccinated patient who wouldn’t keep his mask on and coughed in her face, who later tested positive and then she took COVID home to her husband and child? Oh but it was “mild symptoms.”

My daughter is a nurse, and sometimes for her sanity, I am her sounding board, and yes, she would quit, but then there is the patient who is vaccinated who smiles and says “thank you.”

Mr. Dalton, I am so disappointed in you. We’ve met a few times, I’ve listened to you speak, your kids and my grandchildren went to school together, you are always at our Legion on Remembrance Day. I thought our values were compatible, so I voted for the man, not the party. Seems I was wrong.

Mr. Corbett you did your job balancing the facts with the very disturbing beliefs of the unvaxxed.

Johnnie Guedes, Maple Ridge


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