Submit letters to the editor through our website, via email or in writing.

Submit letters to the editor through our website, via email or in writing.

LETTER: Maple Ridge resident like so many, concerned about war in Ukraine

Stopping the money is quickest way to force Russia to stop its invasion, letter writer argues

Dear Editor,

By now the people of Maple Ridge, unless they have been living under a rock, know that Russia has invaded Ukraine.

The rest of the world, notwithstanding Communist countries, are assisting the Ukrainian people by sending supplies. For example, Canada has sent $25 million worth of night-vision glasses, helmets, and body gear. I believe we have also sent ammunition, and guns. However, we cannot send troops into Ukraine because that will result in World War III, and we cannot have that.

Besides sending supplies to Ukraine, we are using sanctions against Russia. For example, Canada and most of the rest of the world are refusing to import and/or export Russian products.

Also, we fast tracked Ukraine’s application to become a member of NATO. NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Article five of NATO says that an attack on a member of NATO is an attack on all of NATO’s member states.

We are freezing the bank accounts of many rich Russians. Lastly, no money no war.

Linda Meyer, Maple Ridge


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