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LETTER: Maple Ridge woman sends out well wishes for special Dutch day

Local letter writer learning more about culture and history
Antoinetta DeWit had a chance to celebrate King’s Day in the Netherlands a few years ago. (Special to The News)

Dear Editor,

April 27 is King’s Day in the Netherlands, including the Dutch Antilles: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and Saint Maarten. The colour of the day of celebration is orange.

Orange stems from the 15th Century. The region of Orange was in what is now the Southern part of France. There was a lot of royalty and nobility, dynasties and ‘houses’ in those days and Willem of Orange became the

founding father of what is now known as the Netherlands.

Orange now symbolizes national unity and cultural pride. I was very happy to be in Amsterdam a few years ago and joined in on the celebrations. It opened my eyes and unblocked my ears so that I can now better understand and appreciate my actual roots in much the same way so many other cultures do.

To all the Dutchies in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, Happy King’s Day!

We can all share in the joy of seeing that the House of Orange in good order! #koningsdag2022.

Antoinetta DeWit, Maple Ridge


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