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LETTER: More aerobatic pilots welcome to practice over Maple Ridge

This Webster’s Corners resident hasn’t really noticed any uptick in air traffic
Aerobatics impressed the crowds at a past Pitt Meadows Air Show. (News files)

Dear Editor,

[RE: Increased air traffic over east Maple Ridge brings complaints says councillor, Aug. 31, The News online]

I’ve lived in Webster’s Corners for 15 years. Not as long as [Maple Rdige Councillor] Gordy [Robson], but long enough to notice any difference.

The only noticeable change has been an aerobatic pilot who has come to practise a few times this summer and that is noticeable as his/her plane is significantly louder as it loops and spins and rolls through the sky to the east of us (probably somewhere over the 272nd Street area).

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Other than that, the average small private planes aren’t causing any more noticeable difference today, than 15 years ago.

And I love seeing them.

Perhaps the only suggestion would be to move the aerobatic practice area a bit further north.

Hugh Peden, Webster’s Corners



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