Defensive driving, not loud pipes on bikes, saves lives.

Defensive driving, not loud pipes on bikes, saves lives.

Letter: Put mufflers back on loud vehicles

‘Sounds disturbing neighbourhoods for miles.’

Editor, The News:

I am beginning to hate nice weather as it seems to bring out drivers who feel they have the right to try and impress everyone with their loud bikes or cars while the rest of us are trying to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

I realize the outlaw biker gangs got their way a few years back by spreading the gospel of ‘loud pipes saves lives’ nonsense (defensive driving saves lives), and convincing all other wanna-be weekend ‘gangsters’ to do the same.

So now we have every moron who thinks its cool, and much safer to remove mufflers and use straight pipes only, to roar around disturbing neighbourhoods for miles around, announcing their stupid, flagellate sounding bikes.

I believe there is some lame law that supposedly allows for only a certain sound level, but who enforces it?

We live on a relatively busy street close to an intersection that these idiots have to gun it when they leave, I guess, thinking that everyone can hardly wait to hear them.

I know that there is a noise complaint department, but I would like to see some teeth in the law, or the law changed that puts mufflers back on bikes, cars and trucks to give us all a break so that we can enjoy summer in some kind of peace and quiet.

Darrell Swanson

Maple Ridge