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LETTER: Seniors struggle to do aqua fitness when they can’t touch pool bottom

Maple Ridge just needs to do better for those trying to stay fit and healthy, say writer
Maple Ridge Leisure Centre’s aquatic facilities. (The News files)

Dear Editor,

[RE: Seniors come last, The News, Feb. 24]

I, too, am a senior, trying to keep myself fit and healthy by attending aquafit, at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre pool.

I get up early, get dressed, drive a distance to the pool (fuel cost),and park; only to find our usual teach pool closed.

The staff do try to accommodate us in the competition pool, but that pool is absolutely not conducive to our exercise program.

Our group is 30 to 40 people, and that pool is both too cold, and too deep to stand in.

Only about a dozen of us can actually stand on the bottom, at the shallow end of the the competition pool.

We’re resourceful; but how can you do aerobics when your feet can’t touch the bottom?

Whatever the reason for these many closures (no lifeguards? hygiene incidents?), it is truly disappointing that in a beautiful city, this size, there isn’t an adequate facility to accommodate water exercise for all ages.

M. Benson, Maple Ridge

P.S. Thanks to our dedicated instructors for trying to adjust their programs.

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