Ron Jones has offered land he owns in Pitt Meadows for modular homes. (THE NEWS/files)

Ron Jones has offered land he owns in Pitt Meadows for modular homes. (THE NEWS/files)

Letter: ‘This should not be happening in our own back yard’

Transferring the problems from one area to another is not the answer.

Editor, The News:

Re: Place in Pitt Meadows offered for modular homes for homeless.

Very nice of Ron Jones to offer up fallow property he owns on Harris Road and Lougheed for modular homes, then later have it become permanent supportive housing.

I am sure that the golf centre and batting cage will be well-used by the people addicted to drugs and alcohol and those who are mentally challenged.

First of all, there is no hospital in Pitt Meadows, but plenty of parkland, school properties and malls.

Not near any neighbors that may object?

I think not, Mr. Jones.

There are a lot of condos, elderly residences, and a whole community of single detached houses right up the street. Don’t know when the last time Mr. Jones has taken a walk up Harris Road, but there are no corn fields left and obviously he must not realize that there would be a lot of people who would sincerely object to this project.

I am totally sure that the business owners would not be happy about some of the prospect of what has been happening to their counterparts in Maple Ridge, complaining about pilfering in their stores, according to reports I have read.

I am not classifying them all in a group as I am positive some of these poor humans just found themselves in this predicament.

Thank goodness Pitt Meadows Mayor John Becker has the foresight to see that this just moves the problem from Maple Ridge to Pitt Meadows and is concerned about the people in this community.

Very glad that we voted for him. I trust the remainder of the council will agree. I would think they have better things to do than deal with rallies like the one that was planned on Dec. 10 at the office of MLA Lisa Beare.

Face it, these individuals require help and this issue has gone on for way too long. The tent city is atrocious and our hearts go out to the humans living in such terrible conditions. It reminds me of the squalor I witnessed in Cuba, only they have warm weather most of the time.

But, transferring the problems from one area to another is not the answer. I read that Riverview is opening up again. That area is perfect for modular housing. Tons of room, green space, fresh air, room to walk and reflect and get well.

I don’t mean to sound self-absorbed, non-caring, selfish, or un-godly, as I do my fair share of good deeds and donate. However, I feel that these individuals do not need to be around public transport or malls – they need to be housed in places where they can get the help and support they need and perhaps many of them can be re-introduced to society, find work, and become active, healthy, caring, taxpaying individuals in order to live out their lives in some peaceable way.

I have a sister who was a drug addict and being in detox for six months with family intervention and being locked down and locked in was the only answer. I believe it has been about 20 years for her clean and sober and now she is a world traveller.

She is 62 years old with a lot of health issues due to her habit, and albeit with many regrets, but she had the courage to move forward with the help she received.

Gather up person by person, couple by couple and give them a modular home on a vast piece of land. Feed them, support them, and help them get back on their feet. Canada is a wealthy country and this should not be happening in our own back yard.

P. Tochkin

Pitt Meadows