LETTER: Why not just call it ‘Onniville’?

LETTER: Why not just call it ‘Onniville’?

Not really the way it was taught to us in civics class, is it?

Editor, The News:

Re: Third reading approved for Golden Ears Business Park expansion.

It seems appropriate to thank the mayor of Pitt Meadows and council for their lesson in how to disregard the desires of the area residents.

When faced with an obviously contentious issue, make the people think you are really listening to their concerns by inviting the public to give their input at a series of meetings under the pretense of allowing the people to voice their angst. (During this phase, of course, you must pretend that you have an open mind and no decision has yet been reached.)

Should anyone disagree strenuously with the mayor’s point of view, those people are to be forcibly ejected from the meeting as an example to others who also believe they are being sold out by the very council they elected.

In the end, despite the concerns raised, you then proceed to rule in favor of the developer, ignoring the voice of the local residents. Not really the way it was taught to us in civics class, is it?

Perhaps the mayor can now start a campaign to change the name of the area from South Bonson to ‘warehouseville’ or even ‘Onniville’ to fully clarify where loyalties really lie.

Wayne Sitter

Pitt Meadows