Letters: Mixing together as well as bitumen and water

Perhaps our MP can explain why Fisheries can't protect environment

Editor, The News:

Re: Science flip flop (News Views, July 2).

I applaud your recent editorial stating how the Conservative government uses the word science as justification only when it suits its agenda.

The words Stephen Harper government, science and environment are oxymorons, mixing together as well as bitumen and water will if a tanker goes down off our West Coast.

Also, how apropos you publish a letter from MP Randy Kamp in the same issue using the word science to justify his government’s approval of Northern Gateway.

As Northern Gateway will be crossing hundreds of fish-bearing watersheds, perhaps Mr. Kamp, as parliamentary secretary to fisheries, could explain why the authority to assess the environmental impact for this project was taken away from the department of fisheries and oceans, which, up  to this current government, was mandated to protect our fisheries and watersheds, and given to the Nation Energy Board, the mandate for which is to promote our natural resources, apparently with no regard to the impacts on our environment.

Doug Stanger

Maple Ridge