Letters: No to strip malls

One must look at what is happening in Pitt Meadows to see a most important trend.

Editor, The News:

Re: North Lougheed plan hits wall (The News, Sept. 12).

One must look at what is happening in Pitt Meadows to see a most important trend: fields that had been ignored for so many years are being plowed with great care in view of growing crops of some sort, probably well over a hundred acres.

Bravo, kudos to our Indo Canadian community, which is showing the way.

Have you checked where all our veggies are coming from lately and the price we pay for them? We are a farming community, let’s continue to build on it.

So why, on God’s earth, do we need more strip malls?

I applaud the councillors who are standing up against this ridiculous idea. Maybe we should be looking more for a more modest development and more real job creation for the longer term.

Shopping centres are essentially low-pay-scale jobs with little benefit to the community. We have already plenty of them. Leave the big boxes to Port Coquitlam.

I would like to see more push from the chamber of commerce to develop the potential for an office park complex that would be well served by the community surrounding it and offer real jobs. It may take longer to create, but far better long-term prospects.

Growth, yes; in-fill yes; sprawl no; new subdivisions, no; densification, yes; building a close-knit community with a variety of services, including cultural, yes.

Rod Gruzelier

Pitt Meadows