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Letters: ‘We need carbon dioxide to survive’

Our atmosphere contains 15 different gases, which include particles such as soot and dust.

Editor, The News:

Re: Guess what, CO2 isn’t that big a deal (Letters, Nov. 26).

Thank you, Dennis Jaques, for your totally factual article on CO2

I would like to add some information on CO2 to help enlighten the public’s misconception on this greenhouse gas.

I speak to many different people on C02 and always get the same answer when I ask the question: How much of the air we breath is carbon dioxide?

The answer is always about the same for everyone, ‘Oh, about 50 per cent, at least.’

Wrong, of course – our atmosphere contains 15 different gases, which include particles such as soot and dust:

• nitrogen, 78.08 per cent;

• oxygen, 20.95 per cent;

• carbon dioxide, 0.038 per cent;

• dust and soot, 0.000001 per cent.

In the late 1800s (when more accurate measurements were possible), our air had 380 parts per million of carbon dioxide.

Today, it has 380 ppm.

The climate change we experience will always occur – with or without mankind as a civilization.

We need carbon dioxide to survive as a species.

The cost to us, monetarily, as a people, is rising dramatically based on fictitious statements made by organizations such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

I suggest you buy a book called The Deniers, by Lawrence Solomon.

I am familiar with the reports and results of Dr. Henrik Scensmark.

Because I read and investigate, I can speak with assurance and knowledge on the subject at hand.

Ignorance is bliss, but you are spending your hard earned dollars on some thing you cannot control or change.

Richard Mead

Maple Ridge


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